Jakob Demus - biography

Born 1959 in Vienna; studies at the “Akademie der bildenden Künste” (academy of fine arts)  in Vienna; diploma 1984. From this time on Jakob Demus works as sculptor, painter and draughtsman. From 1981 until now a large number of etchings have been created. A lot of his etchings are represented in collections and museums all over the world.
Jakob Demus also renewed the renaissance- technique of the silver point drawing (works: “Dulbänd”, “Roses”, “Falcons”, “Pineapples”, “Wings”), and also the unusual baroque technique of the washed bister painting (series of trees, waterfalls, canyons and stones).
Jakob Demus is fascinated by clouds and skies for over twenty years, in all techniques. He created big series, “evening sky” and “moon sky”, in oil painting. From 1990 until 1992 he carved the monument “Flatterhaftigkeit- Schmafu- für Nestroy” in Vienna.
Until 1997 series of graphite- and pencil drawings: “Whirls“, “The emergence of flashes“, “Cosmical/ planet”, “Masks and faces”, “Black Tarot”, “Diverse moons”, “Montezuma”, “Quetzal”, “Metamorphoses”, “Elements”, “Orchids”, “Paradises”.




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