Ingrid J. Kurnig

The Carinthia-born artist has been living in Vienna since 1989. She deals with a variety of motifs and has mastered a number of painting techniques. She is currently focussing on oil paintings and mixed-media technique.

She will gladly accept commissions to paint portraits, pictures of your favourite tunes, etc.
In addition to selling her works, the artist also offers them for rental for limited periods of time (art leasing).

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  *   Mixed-media technique (36 kB),
  *   Oil paintings (40 kB),
  *   Portraits (91 kB),
  *   Prints (98 kB),
  *   Earth colour paintings (34 kB).

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I want to be notified about upcoming activities via my e-mail address:

Shows and Events:

* The mixed-media technique "Siesta unter'm Zitronenbaum" has been sold by auction in a charity event organized by the Rotary Club and Sotheby's on October 16, 2001, in Mödling. The initial price was ATS 3,500.- / € 254.35, the final, accepted bid was ATS 10,000.- / € 726.73.

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Artistic Education:

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Commissioned Works:

The artist will gladly accept commissions for works with motifs of your choice, whether traditional themes such as

or tailored to your very personal predilections, e.g.

Upon request, she will execute the commissioned works using your favourite colours or preferred technique (oil, reddle & bistre).

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The Secret Life of IJK:

Informations required by Austrian law (Offenlegung gem. §25 MedienG).

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