Federal Police Department of Vienna

The Federal Police Department is the authority which is responsible for the maintenance of public security and the executing of a number of laws in the city area of Vienna. These are laws about the following items:

ID - Cards
Citizen registration
Public traffic

The Federal Police Department has also the duty to assist other authorities at the fulfilling of their business.

Patch of the
chief of police

The chief of the Federal Police Department of Vienna is called "Polizeipräsident". At the moment Mr. Peter STIEDL is the chief of police in Vienna. To fulfill the enumerated duties he has a great staff for the administration. Some members of these staff studied jurisprudence and have the right to represent the chief of police. These jurists are wearing uniforms which look like the uniform of the uniformed police corps, but please don't confuse them with the uniformed police corps. Normally these jurists have not the training of a police officer, they only represent the authority.

Corpssymbol of
police jurists

For further information and to see the difference to the uniformed police corps (in Austria called "Sicherheitswache") see the ranks of the police jurists by clicking on the cap emblem of these corps below.

The Federal Police Department consits of the presidial - department and the sub - departments I to V. The enumerated duties are shared to these sub-departmets.

patch of the head of
a sub - department

For information about the
uniformed police corps click here

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