Explanations to my Guestbook

Thank you that you want to sign my guestbook. The fact that you reached this side shows me that you do not speak german so I want to give you a short explanation to the handling of my guestbook because it is a german version.

1.) After you have read this side please click at the "Guestbook" - button at the end of this side to reach the guestbook.

2.) Click at the word "Eintragen" to enter.

3.) Fill in the form you will see now.

Here a little help with some german words:

Stadt = city
Land = country
Kommentar = comment

4.) After you have done all this click "Absenden"

5) Please do not click at the field "Anklicken um per E-mail zu senden und nicht ins Gästebuch einzutragen". This means that you only send an E- mail to me but you don't sign the guestbook

Please sign my guestbook