Sicherheitswache Wien
Uniformed Police Corps of Vienna

The uniformed police corps in Vienna is called Sicherheitswache. The Sicherheitswache is not the authority, they are the uniformed helping hands of the authority. The officers of these corps are all trained as police officers whereas the representatives of the authority wear uniforms but they are not trained as police officers.The officers of the Sicherheitswache are the policemen which will be seen by the public. They patrol in the streets and do all the real police work.


The chief of the Sicherheitswache is called "Generalinspektor". At the moment General Franz SCHNABL ist the Generalinspektor of Vienna.
To fulfill his duty, he has an own department, called Generalinspektorat. These department ist parted into 3 sub - departments. Each sub - department has its own field of activity.
The fields of activity of these sub - departments are:

Referatsgruppe I
Referatsgruppe II
Referatsgruppe III
security police
traffic police
staff department
department for
disciplinary proceedings

patch of the

The officers of the Sicherheitswache do their work in the police stations. All police stations of one district in Vienna are united to a district - department of the Sicherheitswache. These district - departments are leaded by a commanding officer. This commanding officer is responsible for the work of the patrolmen in his district.

Corpsembelm of the

There are not only the district - departments but also some special units:

S W A T K 9 police jail
police academy traffic police water guard

The officers of the Sicherheitswache are parted into 3 levels:

Patrolmen: They are the most important level. The patrolmen are the part of the police which are most seen in the public. They do the most part of real policework.

NCOs: These are the commanders of a police station within a district-department. They are in charge of the work of the patrolmen.

They are the commanders of a district - department or a special unit. They are in charge of the work of all patrolmen and NCOs in their department.

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