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Welcome to this simple page for downloading the latest update of my CPU package. If you have problems using it please consult the docs and the included docupd.txt before contacting me using the e-mail address tomUNDERSCOREatUNDERSCOREworkATgmxDOTat (replace the words in upper case by their respective ASCII symbol). Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause...



Name Description
Version Targets License
rel2rev29 FPC: *nix Win32/Go32v2 (i386)
Delphi 7+
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CPU detection and timing unit for x86 processors. It is able to detect most of your host processors' capabilities and characteristics.
Includes features like support for the different new instruction sets, special instructions, processor specific features, clock speed and rating, vendor, type and version information, serial number and the like.
Includes a platform independent microsecond timer.
It is completely compatible to the original CPU and MMX units provided by the free pascal compiler.
Includes the BASETYPE unit which is required for most other packages on this site.
DirectX / FPC
Version Targets License
rel0rev12 Win32 Special
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
This package contains the latest header translations of Erik Ungers DirectX for Delphi headers for the FPC compiler platform.
It includes definitions of the DirectX headers for the Microsoft DirectX 7 API.
The following packages are fully translated and working
  • DirectDraw, Direct3D, Direct3DRM, Directplay, DirectSetup, DirectInput and DirectSound